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Impaled Skeletons Reveal Pagans' Fear Of Vampires

In a chilling nod to Bram Stoker, archaeologists in Bulgaria have unearthed two centuries-old skeletons pierced through the chest with iron rods to keep them from becoming vampires. According to Mo...
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The List Of Mighty American Retailers Going Bust Just Keeps On Growing

Retailers are filing for bankruptcy at record-high rates as Americans' changing shopping habits continue to shake up the industry. According to Business Insider, 15 US retailers have filed for bank...
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The Walking Dead - 9x02 - cutting the arm scene - season 9 episode 2 - TV Series

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Amritsar Train Dusshera tragedy : 60 dead in horrific train accident | Oneindia News

In a horrific incident, a tragic train accident in Choura Bazar near Amritsar took place on Friday evening. Around 61 people are expected to feared dead. The incident took place in Jodha Phatak are...
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Walking Dead Creator Has Launched New Series

Last month Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, quietly debuted 'Super Dinosaur',an animated television series inspired by the comic of the same name by Kirkman.The series follows young...
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Look How Taimur Ali Khan Corrects Paparazzi, Says Call Me 'TIM'

Taimur Ali Khan was spotted with his nanny and as usual, Paparazzi started shouting his name but look how Taimur Ali Khan corrected Paparazzi. #TaimurAliKhan, #TaimurAliKhanPaparazzi,F...
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Hell Fest Trailer1 The 80s 09/28/2018

Hell Fest(CBS Films) Starring: Amy Forsyth (Rise, Channel Zero), Reign Edwards (The Bold and The Beautiful, MacGyver), Bex Taylor-Klaus (Voltron, Scream: The TV Series)A masked serial killer ...
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|| Best motivational video || in hindi

this motivational video is by my friend this video is permit to use by my friend.Best motivational hindi video inspirational hindi video quotes saying and sayari of success story. Succe...
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Republicans Fear The Midterms

According to Business Insider, Republicans fear for their election fate if Democrats defeat Brett Kavanaugh.Republicans fear that a failure to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh co...
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Jamie Lee Curtis Feared She Would Get Fired From Original 'Halloween' Movie

Jamie Lee Curtis is a bona fide queen of horror and an indispensable part of the Halloween franchise.In the early days, however, she was convinced she wouldn't last through the first movie wi...
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The Walking Dead S 9 Epi 1

The Walking Dead S 9 Epi 1
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The Walking Dead 9ª Temporada - Por dentro do episódio 2 - "The Bridge" (LEGENDADO)

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Asteroid twice the size of the Statue of Liberty heading toward Earth

Fear-mongering aside, NASA is watching an asteroid that's going to cross paths with our planet. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the details.
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The Walking Dead - S 9 Epi 2

The Walking Dead - S 9 Epi 2
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Andrew Lincoln On The Strained Rick/Daryl Relationship

Andrew Lincoln has detailed the psychology behind the strained relationship between his Rick Grimes and former right-hand man Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead Season Nine.
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Tesla Shares Sink Amid Fears About Elon Musk's Future

According to Reuters, fears about CEO Elon Musk's future are sinking Tesla.Shares plunged up to 13% this week, after U.S. securities regulators accused Musk of fraud.The 47-year-old ent...
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The Walking Dead - S09E02 - The Bridge - October 14, 2018 || The Walking Dead - S9 Ep...

The Walking Dead - S09E02 - The Bridge - October 14, 2018 || The Walking Dead - S9 Ep.2 || The Walking Dead (10/14/2018)
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