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22 MILES avec Mark Wahlberg et Iko Uwais !

Mark Wahlberg, de retour au cinéma le 29 août !Un officier d’élite du renseignement américain (Mark Wahlberg) tente d’exfiltrer un policier (Iko Uwais) qui détient des informations comp...
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Giovani e crossover: è il Milano Film Festival di Salvatores

Milano (askanews) - Un festival che guarda ai giovani, che mantiene anche la sua vocazione sociale e che pensa al cinema come un crocevia di arti. Il Milano Film Festival dal 28 settembre al 7 otto...
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The guardians of Kaishan Island

A Chinese woman who guarded a remote Chinese outpost for 32 years alongside her husband has vowed to continue her sentry duties after he died. Wang Shihua has been promoted to the position of honor...
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Backstreet Boys Concert Cancelled After 14 Injured

Oklahoma — At least 14 people have been injured and transported to hospitals after trusses holding up the entrance to a resort where the Backstreet Boys were set to begin a concert i...
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Anything For A Coin: Is Kim Kardashian Expanding Into Funeral Makeup?

KKW Beauty: Funeral Collection? Laugh now, but it could be a reality if Kim Kardashian gets her way. In a new clip from this week’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the beauty mogul explores a n...
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Woman survives 10 hours at sea after falling from cruise ship

CROATIA — A British woman on a cruise ship in the Adriatic Sea fell into the water approximately 60 miles off the coast of Croatia and reportedly spent 10 hours treading water before being rescued....
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Made in Chelsea Croatia S01E01

As the Chelsea set head to Hvar Island in Croatia for the summer season, Olivia is keen to make amends with Sam after their dramatic fall out. But will either of them pluck up the courage to apolog...
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La lluvia da una tregua a los servicios de rescate indios

Después de varios días sin comida, agua o electricidad, miles de familias afectadas por las inundaciones se han sentido un poco más aliviadas.
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David Hasselhoff to renew wedding vows every year

David Hasselhoff and his new wife are planning to renew their vows every year.The 66-year-old actor tied the knot with his model partner Hayley Roberts in an intimate ceremo...
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Kadıköy'de Akıl Almaz Kaza: Fırlayan Demir Bir Araca Saplandı

Ramazan EĞRİ İstanbul DHA - KADIKÖY Bostancı'da kontrolden çıkan araç demir bariyerlere çarptı. Çarpma esnasında bariyerlerden fırlayan demir, seyir halindeki başka bir aracın camına ok gibi s...
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Duggar Family Announces ANOTHER Pregnancy — Find Out Who’s Expecting!

Even the Duggar’s in-laws are getting in on the family’s baby boom!Anna Duggar‘s sister Priscilla Waller recently revealed she’s expecting her fourth child with her husband David.
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Coco Austin Says’s She’s Breastfeed Daughter Until She’s 10: ‘I like that power I have over her.’

Coco Austin opened up about her experiences with breastfeeding and about the special bond it has created between her and her baby. Watch the video clip above and to see w...
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DUCATI PANIGALE V4 S | Long term update (2) | Motorcyclenews.com

MCN Chief Road Tester, Michael Neeves, has been running his Ducati Panigale V4 S long term test bike for over 4000-miles now. Check out his video blog to ...
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Nevada's venture capital money doesn't stay in state

Zach Miles, associate vice president for economic development for UNLV, said there’s venture money in Southern Nevada, “but trying to find the right groups to tap into for that money is different.”...
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North Las Vegas police volunteers use training to identify arson suspect

North Las Vegas police volunteers are trained to be the eyes and ears of the Police Department. Volunteers help police with non-confrontational duties like traffic control and finding safety hazard...
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‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Star Stephanie Hollman Reveals She Attempted Suicide

Real Housewives of Dallas lived up to its name when Stephanie Hollman got real and opened up about a prior suicide attempt. While sitting on a couch with her mother who l...
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Miles de venezolanos abandonan su país

La grave situación económica, política y social ha obligado a decenas de miles de venezolanos a marcharse a otros países.
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MORE: Trooper killed in shooting was Navy vet

The second officer shot is expected to be OK.
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