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汪蘇瀧 Wang Sulong - 曠夢 Sisyphus(官方版MV)

走過崩壞的大陸,走過腐朽的森林看過信仰的屋簷坍塌,靴子裡鑽進粗糲的沙神話 X 未來賽博 X 廢土汪蘇瀧2018全新專輯 之 同名先導EP「克制兇猛」驚人創造...
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Headlines | ARYNews | 1700 | 21 September 2018

China in the loop on CPEC expansion, says FawadPM urges nation to follow spirit of Hazrat Imam HussainYoum-e-Ashur to be observed today with religious solemnity, reverence
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Non, cet avion de ligne n'a pas fait un looping pendant un typhon

Peut-être avez-vous déjà vu cette vidéo, qui a été massivement partagée sur les réseaux sociaux. Aussi réaliste puisse-t-elle paraître, cette séquence a été entièrement réalisée par ordinateur. Der...
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Fantasy Football Week 3 Waiver Wire: Get Fitzpatrick While You Can!

Week 2 of the NFL season is in the books and there was plenty to consider when it comes to Fantasy Football. NESN.com's Darren Hartwell clears the air on who you should zone in on for Waiver Wire p...
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3 Children Hospitalized After Being Struck by Lightning While Waiting for Bus

Three middle school students were taken to the hospital after a lightning strike in Round Lake Heights, Illinois Thursday.
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Loop on the PUBG training track :)
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Aerobatics In A Pitts Special Biplane - The Financial Times

Visit the Financial Times at: http://www.ft.com/video for more exciting tests and reviews by Rohit Jaggi. Mar 24th, 2011: Rohit Jaggi takes the controls of an S-2A Pitts Special aeroba...
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Lizzie Armanto, la première skateuse à réussir le looping de Tony Hawk - Adrénaline - Skateboard

Lizzie Armanto a réussi le dangereux looping popularisé par Tony Hawk. L'Américaine est la première skateuse à réaliser ce 360°, conseillée et félicitée par la légende du skate elle-même.
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Woman fatally stabbed while jogging in D.C.

Police say an avid runner who was killed in a residential neighborhood in the nation's capital was likely a random target. Police say 35-year-old Wendy Karina Martinez was stabbed multiple times Tu...
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The Loop S02 E04

Watch The Loop S02 E04
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Guy Gets Carried Away by While Current Trying to Cross River

During a flash flood in the Philippines, this guy was trying to find a  way out by crossing a ledge over the river. He slipped and fell and got carried away almost by the strong currents of the riv...
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S&P And Nasdaq Make Gains While Dow Drops

According to Reuters, Wall Street opened the week with a sluggish morning of trading.By noon on Sept. 10th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down almost 31-points, but the S&P and Nasdaq ...
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Pemerintah Kota Bandung Bongkar Parkiran Mal

VIVAnews - Pemerintah Kota Bandung mengambil tindakan tegas atas pengelola Mal Paris Van Java ‎yang dianggap menyalahi aturan dengan tidak mematuhi Peraturan Daerah mengenai lahan terbuka hijau. Wa...
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Woman Faces Hilarious Fall While Hoverboarding

This woman decided to give her daughter's hoverboard a try. She wobbled a little and fell down ripping off an art piece hanging on the wall. 
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Family Continues Searching for Utah Woman Who Went Missing While Running Months Ago

It`s been more than six months since Jerika Binks disappeared while jogging on the National Timpanogos Cave Trail, but her family says they are not giving up.
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Andromeda Cosmic Anime Girl Live Wallpaper [LOOP]

Andromeda Cosmic Anime Girl Live Wallpaper [LOOP]
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PM Imran Khan’s Protocol While Coming to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office

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Taj Mahal with no commentator telling you what it is like!

Taj Mahal3 Author: fundoo_aries@yahoo.com
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