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Les réactions après Racing-Amiens

A la mi-temps, le Racing pouvait craindre le pire. Finalement, il est sorti victorieux de son duel à la Meinau contre Amiens ce qui ne peut que ravir Lionel Carole. Quant à Kevin Zohi, il apprécie ...
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Subscribe to Riders Match ! ⛷Best action sports videos now on http://www.ridersmatch.com !➡️ Follow us for more Extreme Videos ⬅️Facebook : https://goo.gl/qbV24BInstag...
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Aston Martin Plans $6.7 Billion October IPO

LONDON (Reuters) - Luxury British carmaker Aston Martin is seeking a valuation of up to 5.07 billion pounds ($6.7 billion) from its stock market flotation and has taken steps to prepare for any eve...
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Panasonic Jaguar Racing I-Type 3 Tech Film

The next-generation Jaguar I-TYPE 3 is faster, more powerful and will electrify the ABB FIA Formula E Championship like never before. With a new powertrain developed entirely in-house by Jaguar, th...
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Racing Genk 1 - 0 Malmoe Leandro Trossard goal 20.09.2018

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President Of NASCAR Brent Dewar To Resign

According to Autosport.com, NASCAR president Brent Dewar will step down from his role and be replaced by Steve Phelps. Phelps, who previously served as NASCAR's chief global sales and marketing off...
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Aston Martin Plans For $6.7 Billion October IPO

LONDON (Reuters) - Luxury British carmaker Aston Martin said on Thursday it was seeking a valuation of up to 5.07 billion pounds ($6.7 billion) as it set a price range of 17.50 pounds to 22.50 poun...
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Ligue 1 - Le Racing Club De Strasbourg Bat Amiens 3 Buts À 1 - HIRES

6e journée de Ligue 1 : le Racing Club de Strasbourg a battu Amiens à la Meinau 3 buts à 1 et finit à la 8e place du championnat. Buts d'Emil Krafth à la 47e, Kenny Lala à la 48e, Benjamin Corgnet ...
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conference presse avant Strasbourg - Amiens

Dimitri Lienard et Thierry Laurey, avant la réception d'Amiens à la Meinau (6e journée de Ligue 1)
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Groningen Internationals | Live Stream | IDRA 2018 Challengers Cup

Live Stream for the Groningen Internationals, Race 16 of the IDRA 2018 Challengers Cup, with DronEvents in Groningen, Netherlands on September 15th-16th.Check out Facebook Event Page: h...
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Aston Martin Planning $6.7 Billion IPO

LONDON -- Aston Martin is seeking a valuation of up to 5.07 billion pounds ($6.7 billion) from its public stock offering and has taken steps to prepare for any eventuality over Brexit, it said on T...
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Kevin Harvick Wants NASCAR To Shake It Up

Share this article on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Email NASCAR Cup Series title contender Kevin Harvick has renewed his call for a major shake-up of the championship's calendar, prompted by C...
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Retrouvez l'émission WINA-RACING et profitez de votre premier pari offert

Retrouvez l'émission WINA-RACING et profitez de votre premier pari offert (jusqu'à 100€) en cliquant ICI -> https://bit.ly/2NXtpfs
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Aksi El Gamma Penumbra di Babak Final Asia's Got Talent

VIVA.co.id - Dance yang ditampilkan grup wayang orang modern asal Filipina El Gamma Penumbra mengungkapkan pesan pentingnya konservasi alam dan bumi melalui narasi dan visualisasi yang hanya bisa d...
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Kimi Raikkonen explains the Marina Bay circuit, Singapore 2018

Kimi Raikkonen is a man in the spotlight at the Singapore Grand Prix after confirming that he will depart Ferrari for Sauber at the end of 2018. The Iceman came close to ending his race win drought...
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MotoGP 2018 visits Circuit of the Americas

The MotoGP circuit seems to suit Marc Marquez, but that doesn’t stop the world’s best riders from gathering every year to test themselves over 20 laps.
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Tirane-Elbasan e ndertuar me borxh

Edhe pse ende nuk ka përfunduar, kostot e rrugës Tiranë ? Elbasan qytetarët do t?i paguajnë në të ardhmen.Televizioni Klan ka siguruar listën e kredive që buxheti i shtetit ka marrë për...
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- Erdoğan-Talon görüşmesi başladı

detaylar( ANKARA ) ANKARA - Benin Cumhurbaşkanı Patrice Talon, Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'ın daveti üzerine Türkiye'ye geldi. Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, konuk Cumhurb...
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