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Dr Mahathir: We don't need ECRL now

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) will be deferred until Malaysia can afford such a project. Dr Mahathir says he has spoken to Chinese leaders on t...
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Google Has A New Chromecast On The Way, But Don't Expect A Major Leap Forward

A recent FCC filing by Google points to a new revision of Chromecast. Digital Trends says don’t get too excited though, as this is mainly a minor update.Despite a new model number the n...
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മരുന്നെത്തിച്ച യുവാക്കളോട് പോലീസുകാരുടെ മറുപടി വീഡിയോ വൈറൽ

Youth helping flood affected people and police conversation goes viral ക്യാമ്പുകളിലേക്ക് മരുന്നെത്തിക്കുന്ന ഒരു കൂട്ടം ചെറുപ്പക്കാരോട് പോലീസ് അപമര്യാദയായി പെരുമാറിയെന്ന് ആരോപണം. വീഡിയോ സഹിതം...
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Work it Out: 15 ways to get a body of steel for summer, with models Matthew Noszka and Trevor...

Directed by Thibault Della Gaspera Written by Hugo CompainProduced by Zoé Michel & Anouk MartySpecial thanks to Equinox High Line
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PRESENTED BY CAMILLE BROUGHT TO YOU BYRACE CAFE -- THE ESPRESSO BAR  www.racecafeonline.com.au'Colour My Heart' is another independent release from Australian singer/songwriter Cl...
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Learn How To Control Conversations

Lifehacker recently reported tips on how to keep control of a conversation. They wrote, "Former dominatrix Kasia Urbaniak runs a class for professionals looking to get a bit bolder and bossier in t...
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Celebs Who Don't Have Hollywood Stars On The Walk Of Fame

When it comes to securing a star on the Hollywood walk of fame there are some requirements. According to The Wrap, "anyone can nominate a celebrity for placement on the Walk of Fame, but the ...
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WANDERLUST! 5 things you don't know about Havasupai Falls - ABC15 Digital

Welcome to Havasupai Falls: The Disneyland of backpacking trips.
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L’extinction des espèces est un processus naturel... Sauf qu'aujourd'hui il va 1 000 fois trop vite

Une étude récente publiée dans The Conversation soutient que les espèces sur Terre s’éteignent au moins 1000 fois plus vite que le taux de base naturel. Cela est surtout causé par la su...
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Why Don't We Reveal Cover Art for Album '8 Letters,' Release Title Track | Billboard News

Rising pop group Why Don't We have announced the release of their highly anticipated debut full-length album '8 Letters.'
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Don’t watch the JAWS! The Japanese cinema theater offers a new way to enjoy summer heat

Japan's first 'Bathtub Cinema' opened its doors on a rooftop in Tokyo's neon-lit Shibuya district, offering movie lovers a respite from soaring summer temperatures.
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Comment mieux vivre la canicule ?

Beaucoup d'eau et peu de sport : nos conseils pour braver la canicule (Anne J.)http://www.lepoint.fr/editos-du-point/anne-jeanblanc/canicule-comment-eviter-d-en-souffrir-trop-30-06-2015-19410...
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Skeem Saam 7 - Eps 21 (06 August 2018 )

Catch the new seaon for Skeem Saam S7 at 18:30 ( Mon-Fri) on SABC 1, and here on YouTube at 19:00.Alfred takes drastic measures to assert his authority at Turf High. MaNtuli gets an SMS...
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They Can Hack Our Elections, But Don't Take Our Arby's

They can interfere with our elections all they want, but there are consequences for hacking Chili's.
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Verbotene Liebe - Folge 1068- Nina Milli (1)

Verbotene Liebe – Épisode 1068 :Nina poursuit sa conversation avec Milli.Nina : Peut-être que ma comparaison n'est pas très juste. Je veux dire ce qu'il y a entre moi et Eri...
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#RHONY's @DorindaMedley is stepping out of the house and into the studio as our guest host on...

#RHONY's @DorindaMedley is stepping out of the house and into the studio as our guest host on today’s #PageSixTV! Don’t miss a second!
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Don't have an argument with a goat, you'll never win... (Play with sound! )

Don't have an argument with a goat, you'll never win... (Play with sound! )
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India vs England: Don't compare Hardik Pandya with legendary Kapil Dev: Gavaskar |वनइंडिया हिंदी

India is going to play its second Test match on the field of Lords. Meanwhile, Kapil Dev is comparable to Hardik Pandya. On which former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar has compared wrongdoing to Kap...
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