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Amende record en vue pour Google

La commission européenne l'a annoncé au numéro un du géant américain du net, Sundar Pichai, hier soir, selon une source proche du dossier.
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Google nel mirino dell'Ue per il sistema Android

Abuso di posizione dominante è questa l'accusa. Il gigante americano rischia una multa record
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Trois sites d'exception pour titiller sa peur du vide

ABONNEZ-VOUS pour plus de vidéos : bit.ly/radioE1Parcours d'accrobranche, via ferrata... Europe 1 a fait le tour des circuits qui, en France, vous invite à tester votre résistance au vertige....
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Red Sox Boast Three Starters, Two Reserves In 2018 MLB All-Star Game

The Boston Red Sox won’t get much rest during the All-Star break as they are sending five players to the 2018 MLB All-Star Game in Washington D.C. NESN.com's Michaela Vernava tells you all about th...
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Snow Leopard falls down from cliff- even the mighty can falter

Snow Leopard falls down from cliff: even the mighty can falterThis footage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the l...
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Les sites de paris sportifs perdants de la Coupe du monde

ABONNEZ-VOUS pour plus de vidéos : http://www.dailymotion.com/Europe1frRetrouvez "Europe 1 Matin" sur : http://www.europe1.fr/emissions/europe-1-matinLE DIRECT : http://www.europe...
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Software || On Site Project

Come with CORNER Points, it will be alwys great
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L'UE inflige une amende de 4,34 mds d'euros à Google

La Commission européenne inflige à Google une amende record de 4,34 milliards d'euros, cette fois dans le dossier antitrust Android. Cette décision, contre laquelle la firme va faire ...
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Mumbai bridge collapse Railway Minister Piyush Goyal reaches Andheri, inspects collapse site

NewsX speaks to the hero of the day. Train motorman Chandrashekhar Sawant who slammed the emergency brakes when he saw concrete slabs fall on the railway track. His presence of mind and quick think...
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Google wird bald den Zeitpunkt eures Todes vorauszusagen - 16141DE

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Mastung carnage: Who was suicide bomber? How far's Afghanistan from incident site?

Mastung carnage: Who was suicide bomber? How far's Afghanistan from incident site?
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Transfert, un nouveau site culturel

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Archi sur Site-École des 4 chemins-Lissy

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New Blog Empowers Women To Wear Their 'Crowns' With Pride

The image of a crown brings to mind respect and authority. That's why Nikki Charnstrom founded the website "Crowned Chics" with the goal to empower women. It can be difficult learning to accept you...
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Inside Google Campus

http://www.FT.com/ Google Campus, a building designed to offer technology start-ups desk space and mentoring in east London, was opened this week to much fanfare by UK chancellor George Osbor...
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Google Home Prices Slashed At Walmart

Digital Trends reports that Amazon Prime Day is a great time to find great deals on Echo devices. If you only use Google for all of your smart home needs, those savings aren’t all that helpful. For...
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Les vide-dressing ont la cote

D'après une étude, plus de 90% des femmes ont dans leur armoire des articles qu'elles n'ont pas mis depuis plus d'un an. Pour éviter le gaspillage, des boutiques éphémère et des sites interne...
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Watch Yo-kai Watch Season 3 Episode 1 - Usapyon is here! - Google Chrome 7_2_2018 10_19_41 AM

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