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Favori, outsider

Comme dans toute compétition sportive, on a tous un favori et un outsider. Le favori c’est celui qui est jugé comme le gagnant le plus probable alors que l’outsider est celui qui est considéré com...
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Markets On Wall Street Gain Over 2 Percent Each

According to Reuters, the top three indexes on Wall Street gained over 2-percent on one day.Oct. 16th proved to be a fruitful day for the New York Stock Exchange.After the markets close...
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Stocks On Wall Street Bounce Back

According to Reuters, stocks on Wall Street are bouncing back after trading down for about a week.By noon on Oct. 16th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 244-points, rising to 25,495.
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Stocks On Wall Street Make Marginal Gains

According to Reuters, Wall Street is trading up again after a few days of mixed results.By the afternoon on Oct. 9th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up a tick, gaining about 14-points.
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Could Some Kind Of Nutritional Deficiency Be Making You Gain Weight?

Many vitamin, mineral, and hormone deficiencies are linked to metabolic disorders that affect the body's natural ability to manage weight. If an increase in weight seems out of the ordinary, the bo...
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Washing machine filter

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Tech Stocks Put Pressure On Wall Street

According to Reuters, tech stocks pressured Wall Street heading into a new trading week.By the afternoon on Oct. 15th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average recovered from it's morning losses, gai...
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Wall St. Rebounds With Technology

On Friday the U.S. benchmark S&P 500 stock index snapped a six-day losing streak as technology stocks recovered after a week of losses, with investors looking for bargains ahead of the third quarte...
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Stocks On Wall Street Bounce Back

According to Reuters, stocks on Wall Street are bouncing back after trading down for about a week.By noon on Oct. 16th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 244-points, rising to 25,495.
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Asian Stocks Up, Italy Too

TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian stocks rose modestly on Tuesday, gaining a firmer footing after a week of heavy losses, although increasing tensions between Saudi Arabia and the West have fanned geopolitic...
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The Dow Jones Is Nearing 27,000

According to Reuters, the Dow Jones is poised to set a new record.By noon on Oct. 3rd, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to 26,932-points.A day before, the Dow Jones closed at 26,77...
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Wall Street May Set Consecutive All-Time Highs

According to Reuters, Wall Street may set new records on consecutive trading sessions.On Sept. 20th, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 recorded new all-time highs.But both of those markets are ...
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S&P, Dow Open At Record Highs

The benchmark S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrials Average hit record highs at the open on Friday. REuters reports that the Nasdaq rose on gains in technology stocks.The Dow Jones Industrial...
投稿日時:2018年09月22日 00時01分  再生回数:44 回  コメント数:件

Asian Stocks Increase Gains

TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian stocks extended gains on Friday thanks to Wall Street scoring all-time highs, as investors gravitated to the view that the latest exchange of tariffs between the United Stat...
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2019 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special Dyno Video

Dyno testing the new H-D Street Glide Special to obtain peak horsepower and torque numbers from a Milwaukee-Eight 114 motor.
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New Cat-Friendly Selfie Filters Introduced By Snapchat

Business Insider reports that Snapchat has introduced new selfie filters.And these filters are designed specifically for cats.Snapchat will now detect a feline face and apply lenses to ...
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US Stocks Stumble A Day After Big Gains

According to Business Insider, stock markets on Wall Street are riding a rollercoaster.During morning trading on Oct. 17th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped about 300-points.The...
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BMW Gaines Control Of Its Chine Joint Venture

Automotive news reports BMW said it will take majority control of its main China joint venture for $4.2 billion, the first such move by a global automaker as Beijing starts to relax ownership rules...
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