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How To Dodge That Flu, Even If You Live With Someone Who Has It

Sharing a home with someone who's got the flu is no fun--but it doesn't mean you have to catch it.According to Business Insider, there are a number of things you can do to avoid getting ill.
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If House Flips Democrats Vow To Investigate Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

If Democrats win the House in November, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will face a number of congressional inquiries. Politico reported that Rep. Gerry Connolly already listed a number of possible s...
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En Birmanie, un temple dédié aux pythons

En Birmanie, un temple bouddhiste s'est transformé en havre pour reptiles. les fidèles se pressent pour prier des pythons en liberté.
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Lindsey Graham: If Biden Runs In 2020, He'd Be 'Hard To Beat'

Lindsey Graham on Friday said Joe Biden will be "hard to beat" if he runs in 2020. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on Friday said that if former Vice President Joe Biden runs in 2020 ...
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California Is Rounding Up Hundreds Of Wild Horses

Up to 1,000 wild horses will be rounded up from federal land in Northern California this month. The horses live inside the Modoc National Forest, which is near the Oregon border. mnn.com reports th...
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Un python s’invite à une réunion

L’animal est sorti du faux plafond de la banque.Dans une banque à Nanning en Chine, des employés étaient en train de faire une réunion lorsqu’un invité surprise est entré dans la pièce. En ef...
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If you want ham say yeah

If you want ham say yeah
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President Trump on Tuesday again went after Democrats on Twitter.
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Trump: It 'Wouldn't Bother Me' If FBI Investigates All Three Accusers

President Trump on Monday remarked on the allegations surrounding Brett Kavanaugh.
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Grey Goose Cofounder Reveals If A Martini Should Be Shaken Or Stirred

James Bond always knew there's a right way to make a vodka Martini, it's just not the way he told you. Business Insider spoke to Francois Thibault, cellar master at Grey Goose vodka regarding the c...
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Joe Biden: 'No Basis' for Democrats to Impeach Trump if They Retake the House

Joe Biden isn’t interested in impeaching President Trump if the Democrats take the house after the midterms!
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EU Says Facebook Will Face Sanctions If It Doesn't Comply With Consumer Rules

Reuters has reported that Europe’s justice chief gave U.S. social media giant Facebook until the end of the year to comply with EU consumer rules or face sanctions. Airbnb made the necessary change...
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Nabilla Benattia : toilettes, nettoyage, rangement... Elle se filme en pleins travaux d'intérêt...

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Un python tombe du plafond en pleine réunion !

La caméra de surveillance de cette banque chinoise a filmé une scène bien effrayante : celle d'une réunion entre plusieurs salariés interrompue par... un python tombant du plafond ! Sel...
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Trump Warns Of 'Severe Punishment' If Saudi Arabia Linked To Disappearance Of Journalist Jamal...

President Trump weighed in on missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi during a CBS interview.
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If You Were One of the Hacked Facebook Users, You Could Be Entitled to Nearly $8,000

If you were one of the hacked facebook users whose information was exposed you could be entitled to almost $8000 from the social media giant. Susana Victoria Perez has more.
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Trump Lawyer Says Mueller Probe Should Get A ‘Time Out’ If Rosenstein Departs

Jay Sekulow said on Monday that the Mueller investigation should get a "time out" if Rod Rosenstein departs. President Trump's personal attorney Jay Sekulow said on Monday that special ...
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Sarah Sanders Declined To Say If White House Cleared FBI To Interview Kavanaugh And Ford

Sarah Sanders on Wednesday weighed in on the sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.
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