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Un avion volé s'écrase à Seattle

Un employé d'une compagnie aérienne a procédé vendredi soir à un "décollage non autorisé" à bord d'un avion vide et s'est écrasé en quittant l'aéroport de Seattle-Tacoma. L'avion, un bimoteur à hél...
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Seattle, tecnico ruba un aereo e si schianta: suicidio

Un tecnico, dipendente della compagnia aerea Alaska Airlines, ha rubato un aereo ed è decollato senza alcuna autorizzazione dall’aeroporto di Seattle negli Stati Uniti, per poi schiantarsi nel sud ...
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‘Will Alaska give me a pilot job?’ Seattle plane thief joked before crash

The suspect behind the theft of an empty plane from Seattle-Tacoma airport on Sunday detailed his job as a baggage handler and his passion for travel in his last video post on the social media plat...
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ABD'de Havayolu Personeli Uçak Kaçırınca Jetler Peşine Düştü

ABD'de bir havayolu personeli havalimanından uçak çaldı. Uçağı gizlice havalandıran personel, tüm çabalara rağmen uçağı indirmeyince savaş jetleri kaçırılan uçağın peşine düştü. Kısa süreli kovalam...
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Un bagagiste suicidaire vole un avion à l'aéroport de Seattle et se crashe

Le samedi 11 août, un bagagiste suicidaire âgé de 29 ans a volé un avion vide sur le tarmac de l'aéroport de Seattle aux Etats-Unis. L'homme s'était visiblement entrainé à piloter sur des jeux vidé...
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Medewerker kaapt leeg vliegtuig en crasht na meerdere stunts - RTL NIEUWS

Het is een bizar gezicht: een passagiersvliegtuig maakt een looping en wordt achtervolgd door twee F15’s. Op het vliegveld van het Amerikaanse Seattle is een vliegtuig gekaapt door een luchtvaartme...
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Hear audio leading up to plane crash

The audio between a man flying a stolen Alaska Airlines plane that crashed in Seattle and the control tower has been released.
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Un homme vole un avion à l'aéroport de Seattle et s'écrase peu après !

Vendredi soir à Seattle (États-Unis), un mécanicien de 29 ans a réussi à voler un avion à l'aéroport international de Seattle et s'est écrasé peu après. Il ne s'agit pas d'un acte terroriste, les a...
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Alaska Airlines का Plane ले उड़ा चोर, बाद में हो गया Crash , Watch Video | वनइंडिया हिन्दी

Man steals Alaska Airlines plane from Seattle airport, crashes. A "suicidal" airline mechanic has stolen an empty Horizon Airlines plane, taken off from Sea-Tac International Airport and was chased...
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This CRISPY ONION CHICKEN is golden brown and crispy on the outside and super tender on the...

This CRISPY ONION CHICKEN is golden brown and crispy on the outside and super tender on the inside. A delicious family-friendly meal idea!FULL PRINTABLE RECIPE ---
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ESPN SportsCenter's Not Top Ten - 08-10-18

Vote for the community Worst of the Worst ESPN SportsCenter's Not Top Ten for August 10, 201810. Tampa Bay Ray Carlos Gomez gets hit by pich and he jokingly falls to the gro...
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The Glamour & the Squalor Trailer

Seattle DJ Marco Collins stars in this unflinching documentary about media fame and addiction, which tracks his rise, fall, and resurrection as an influential promoter of grunge, alternative rock, ...
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FBI investigating how airline employee stole plane before crashing

Investigators still don't know why an airline baggage handler stole a passenger plane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Richard Russell, 29, flew the 76-seat plane for more than an hour Fr...
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How was a man able to steal and pilot a plane?

An airline employee stole an empty Horizon Air turboprop plane, then took off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and crashed on Friday, according to officials. Mark Rosenker, a former chairm...
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Lavar Ball buys EVERYONE on Lamelo and Liangleo Ball JBA Team LA BALLERS new 2018 Cadillac ATS...

Lavar Ball buys EVERYONE on Lamelo and Liangleo Ball JBA Team LA BALLERS new 2018 Cadillac ATS Sedans for Winning Championship VS Seattle Ballers 8/13/18
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Roba un avión y lo estrella en una inusitada acción suicida

Un joven mecánico de una aerolínea robó un avión de pasajeros en el aeropuerto Seattle-Tacoma, en el noroeste de Estados Unidos y estrelló la aeronave poco después, en un bosque en la isla de Ketro...
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USA TODAY Sports predicts Seahawks finish 4-12 this season

The Seahawks offseason has been tumultuous with a variety of veteran departures causing many to fear next season Nate Davis of USA TODAY Sports has recently predicted that the Seahawks will finish ...
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Mariners take first two games from the Astros

CBS Sports senior MLB writer Jonah Keri joins Hakem Dermish on CBS Sports HQ to break down the Mariners recent success against the reigning World Series champs.
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