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Trump Ramps Up Shutdown Talk Ahead Of Midterms

On Thursday, President Donald Trump once again publicized his eagerness for a shutdown fight. Seeming to question GOP leaders’ strategy to delay the showdown until after the consequential midterms....
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Audio Released of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s Alleged Murder

The 'Washington Post' columnist's Apple Watch may have captured gruesome audio of him being tortured and killed. Ksashoggi, a vocal critic of the Saudi regime, has been missing si...
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Erectile Dysfunction Drug Overdose Leaves Man With Red-Tinted Vision

A man who took a very large dose of an erectile dysfunction drug ended up with what appears to be a permanent red-tinted vision. A man who took a very large dose of an erectile dysfunct...
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Psychiatrist Suggests Trump Unconsciously Sees Mueller As A Representation Of His Father

Dr. Justin Frank, a psychiatrist and author of the book, “Trump on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President,” recently suggested that the president unconsciously sees special counsel Robert Muel...
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Giants Fine Odell Beckham Jr. Over ESPN Comments

Giants Fine Odell Beckham Jr.Over ESPN Comments The Giants fined the football player for criticizing his teammates and questioning if they had a quarterback problem during an interview on ESP...
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Scans Reveal Over 60,000 Hidden Mayan Structures

A recent lidar survey in northern Guatemala revealed over 61,000 previously unknown Mayan structures.
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Life Below Zero - Season 11 Episode 6 - The Great Unknown

Life Below Zero - Season 11 Episode 6 - The Great Unknown
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Best and the funniest animal videos! Bet you will die laughing! Animals are the best entertainment, they never fail to make us laugh! This animal compilation is super hard try not to laugh challeng...
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Trump's Columbus Day Tweet Sparks Backlash

President Trump on Monday celebrated the controversial 15th-century explorer Christopher Columbus as an “inspiration.” President Trump on Monday celebrated the controversial 15th-centu...
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Trump Lashes Out Over Lack Of Wall Funding In 'Ridiculous' Spending Bill

President Trump on Thursday lashed out over the lack of wall funding in the spending bill. President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday over the lack of border security funding in the sp...
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How to get into juicing: it's getting chili

This fiery health shot will give you a ridiculous morning boost. For the faint hearted: a soothing smoothie to follow.
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What If 'Jurassic World' Brought Dinosaurs to Space?

Space is the final frontier but will it ever be explored in the Jurassic World franchise? It's an idea so farfetched that many likely scoff at it -- dinosaurs on another planet -- but Earth has bee...
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Trump Jr. Fires Back At Jeffrey Toobin Over Being Mocked For Fearing For His Sons

Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday fired back at CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, who had mocked him for fearing for his sons in the #MeToo era. Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday fired back at CNN's Jeffrey To...
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Another Top 10 Most INSANE Rumors About Celebrities

And the silly rumors just keep coming. From Cher having her ribs removed to Michael J. Fox’s unusual middle name, WatchMojo is looking at more of the most insane, ridiculous, and unbelievable celeb...
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Expedition Unknown S06E02 Search for the Afterlife-Death and Beyond WEB...

Expedition Unknown S06E02 Search for the Afterlife-Death and Beyond WEB...
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[Explore paranormal] - Are Spirit Orbs Actual Ghosts/Cat won't stop staring at the wall

Explore the magical, mysterious, and macabre and venture into the unknown with Joe and Davil! Plus special surprise guests[Explore paranormal] -Have a nice day Everyone!!!
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#MeToo: Dia Mirza makes SHOCKING revelation on Sajid Khan; Must WATCH | FilmiBeat

Dia Mirza makes shocking revelation on Sajid Khan. She admits that she knew that he was always obnoxious. I was deeply disturbed. I agree that Sajid was obnoxious, extremely sexist and ridiculous. ...
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Shiv Sena MLA Tukaram पर धार्मिक कार्यक्रम में तलवार से जानलेवा हमला । वनइंडिया हिंदी

Shiv Sena MLA Tukaram was killed in a terrorist attack in Mumbai's Trombay area. Shiv Sena legislator has alleged that he had gone for a Darshan in Durga Pandal last night. At the same time, some u...
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