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6e j. - Casanova : "Il va falloir faire beaucoup mieux"

Alain Casanova n'arrivait pas à trouver des points positifs dans la première période du TFC ce samedi sur la pelouse d'Angers (0-0). Selon lui, ceci doit rappeler aux joueurs que rien n'est arrivé...
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Regardez le début de Balance Ton post, la nouvelle émission de Cyril Hanouna sur C8

Regardez le début de Balance Ton post, la nouvelle émission de Cyril Hanouna sur C8
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Kanye West and Adidas Looking To Shake Up The Shoe Market

Kanye West and Adidas are making waves in the fashion industry. On Friday, an ad for the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Triple White ran on the front page of at least nine publications around the US. Ac...
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Tips On How To Cook For One

It's not always easy to cook for just one person, here's are some tips to make it a breeze.
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Spruce Confirms Relationship With Lini Reinhart

Until recently, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have remained very secretive about their relationship.The two star in the series 'Riverdale.'It would appear they've been together for som...
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Travis Scott Posts Adorable Picture Of Baby Stormi

Travis Scott took to Instagram Story on Thursday night to gush over his baby's newest accomplishment! The 26-year-old rapper posted a photo of Stormi Webster standing on a couch wearing a pair of A...
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These States Have The Highest Rates Of Burglary

Some states have a big burglary problem - and most of them are located in a specific region.
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Chris Collins Reverses Course, Still Running For Re-Election

Chris Collins will remain on the November ballot, reports the Washington Post.
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Develop These Good Travel Habits Now

Save yourself money, stress, and more, by developing these good travel habits to use for your future trips.
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Tuchel «A nous de fixer nos limites» - Foot - L1 - PSG

VIDEO FOOT - L'entraîneur du PSG Thomas Tuchel veut que son équipe élève encore son niveau de jeu lors du déplacement à Rennes, dimanche (15h00).
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New Inquiry For Danske Bank

According to Reuters, Dankse Bank is facing a fresh money laundering inquiry.The investigation comes a day after the bank said $234 billion was laundered through its Estonian branch.Tho...
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Benedict Cumberbatch Gives New Life To An Old Grinch

The Grinch is at this grinchiest in the final trailer for the new Illumination production of Dr. Seuss's The Grinch. The new trailer shows the tiny hearted hater hatching a scheme to ruin Christmas...
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Get The Most Out Of Family Dinners

With everyones busy schedule, family dinner time can be the best way to bring everyone together and check in on their lives. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your family's together time.
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Things That Are Better In The Fall

Fall is here with it’s stunning foliage and mild weather, what’s not to love? Here are some things that are better in the fall.
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Michael Cohen Posted Tweet About Cooperating With Mueller But Immediately Deleted It

President Donald Trump's former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen posted a tweet about his cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller but immediately deleted the message. According to Business Ins...
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Common Bad Luck Omens And Their Surprising Origins

If you're superstitious, you're intimately familiar with bad luck omens. But where do they come from?
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Balance ton post: Un naturiste débarque totalement à poil en direct au milieu de l'émission de...

Hier soir Cyril Hanouna présentait un débat sur le naturisme dans sa nouvelle émission en direct sur C8, Balance ton post.L'occasion pour lui de se demander si on était pour ou contre l...
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Inking Chinese and Yakuza-Style Tattoos in Conservative China

Jiuwu is a professional tattoo artist in Beijing, China. He’s been an artist and master tattoo artist for decades and is known for blending his modern techniques with traditional Chinese folklore a...
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