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LIVE AND LEARN by Jun Senoue (Crush 40)

How to play 'Live And Learn'... I played along with backing track on Oct.14th, 2008 at ABS studio in Tokyo. ESP Sonic guitar... Peavey 5150... Bogner Cube with ...
投稿日時:2008年10月18日 20時23分


Re: LIVE AND LEARN by Jun Senoue (Crush 40) (Sonic Adventure 2) cover

Other Jun Senoue covers: It Doesn't Matter/Sonic's Theme (Sonic Adventure) NOW WITH TAB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiJy_6AMqFE Rumbling ...
投稿日時:2008年10月19日 13時43分


Crush 40 - Live and Learn Guitar Riff (Sonic Adventure 2)

Facebook it! http://goo.gl/lSKT7 Tweet it! http://goo.gl/YHC7O Don't forget to comment, rate or subscribe! As played by myself with a pentatonic run at the end.
投稿日時:2007年05月16日 07時55分


Sonic Adventure 2 - Live & Learn Cover ft. Iris

Tabs, behind the scenes and more at my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/94stones?ty=h Here's my first cover of 2015! A bit late perhaps. This was a request ...
投稿日時:2015年03月13日 19時45分


Crush 40 - Live and learn (cover)

This is a couple of friends who played at our graduation. The song is by crush 40 and as you can tell the speed is a little bit fasteter then usual. Enjoy ^^ [sub] ...
投稿日時:2007年07月11日 02時21分


Live and Learn (Theme to Sonic Adventure 2 by Crush 40)

Hey! Check out my original music too! myspace.com/batchemusic Add me if you wish! Man, this song was a lot harder to learn than it looks. Took me around 3 ...
投稿日時:2008年04月4日 11時13分


Sonic Adventure 2 - Live and Learn (Crush 40) Bass Cover

Download the tab for guitarpro 5: http://www.4shared.com/file/kN6uqCIc/_2__Sonic_Adventure_2_-_Live_a.html Note: The tab is not 100% correct. Feel free to ...
投稿日時:2008年12月13日 09時41分


Crush 40 - Live And Learn (Cover) in HD

Shortened version from Smash Bros Brawl, just thought I'd give it a shot cause its an awesome tune. Figured out by ear too so there are some mistakes.
投稿日時:2009年06月25日 03時15分


Crush 40 - Live And Learn Guitar Lesson!!!

Enjoy! I hope this helps!
投稿日時:2016年08月14日 12時54分


Live and Learn

This is finally my first video of me playing Crush 40 songs! YAY! more on the way soon Edit 12/31/08 It's been nearly 2 years since I posted this video. To let you ...
投稿日時:2007年01月25日 03時36分


【Sonic】 Playing 『 LIVE & LEARN 』 with Sonic Guitar 【Crush40】 TAB

Very Difficult..... I MADE TAB http://www1.axfc.net/u/3226643.
投稿日時:2013年09月22日 23時04分


Crush 40 - Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2 Theme)

Full screen! Crank the volume! My 19th vid! Stop by my brand new Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/brandben7 THis has got to be my favorite song from ...
投稿日時:2009年07月4日 05時03分


Crush 40 - Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2 theme) (Bass Cover)

Uh yeah. Me playing one of the cover versions of the bassline..... Probably not completely correct, but whatevv... Sonic FTW. GEAR: Squier by Fender Jazz Bass ...
投稿日時:2008年12月23日 02時13分


Crush 40 - Live and Learn solo (cover)

Hey all heres the live and learn solo from sonic adventure by the one and only jun senoue! Ill upload a lesson later and hopefully sort out sync issues :)
投稿日時:2008年12月19日 01時02分


[SONIC] Live and Learn (Crush 40) bass cover

This is my first attempt to cover a song and recorder it. I made a few mistakes, but, anyway, I hope you like it. The background sound is the guitar pro 5 lol.
投稿日時:2012年02月14日 12時18分


Sonic Adventure 2 Live and Learn Guitar Cover

SA2 for HD is coming soon.
投稿日時:2012年09月30日 01時23分


Kiko - COD - Live and Learn (Crush 40 Cover)

This is my first try to record this song... it has some errors here and there and the sound kinda sux specially on the highest notes because my strings are so ...
投稿日時:2007年12月14日 09時33分


Crush 40 - Live and Learn (guitar cover) 自作ギター!

ソニックアドベンチャー2のメインテーマのLive And Learnを演奏しました ギターは自作 映像はZOOM Q4 音はamplitube 3で作りました Twitter https://twitter.com...
投稿日時:2014年12月29日 23時38分


Crush 40 - Live And Learn (Guitar Cover)

Aun que tiene muchos errores la subire en un futuro con menos errores jaja -Even that this got too much mistakes, but in a future i will upload with fewer ...
投稿日時:2009年04月1日 03時36分


Crush 40 live and learn cover with tab

TO EVERYONE THAT COMMENTED ABOUT THE FULL: I will be uploading the full cover soon and to EVERYONE who commented about the full cover will be ...
投稿日時:2008年10月29日 13時31分