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Introducing the Pro 2

Special thanks to Peter Dyer (http://peterdyer.net) One Voice to Rule Them All Dave Smith calls the Pro 2 his "most powerful mono synth ever." It shares the ...
投稿日時:2014年06月20日 02時18分


Prophet REV 2 Sonic LAB Review

We're taking a look at the Prophet REV 2 form Dave Smith Instruments. The successor to the Prophet 08. Available in 8 and 16 voice versions. Try our 3 Filter ...
投稿日時:2017年10月12日 22時52分


Dave Smith Pro 2

Dave Smith Pro 2.
投稿日時:2014年10月3日 21時45分


Demo :: Prophet 8 vs Rev2 (no talking - just patches)

Demo to compare the sound of the Prophet 8 and Rev2 playing the same patches. I used four patches from the factory presets for the Prophet 8 and three of my ...
投稿日時:2018年02月16日 11時53分


Dave Smith Pro 2- Rhythmic Sound Design

Hey crew! Today we have the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2. This is, hands down, one of my favourite synthesizers of all time. It's extremely flexible and sounds ...
投稿日時:2016年10月28日 04時14分


Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 - Sequencer Applications

The Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 is the most useful synth I've ever played. I got to borrow one for a short while and it quickly became the central control and ...
投稿日時:2014年09月26日 21時56分


Dave Smith Pro2 Demo

If you want to buy the 200+ patches please send me a 7€ / 9$ PayPal payment to alphacodesynth@gmail.com (Please cover the Fee). Feel free to add a small ...
投稿日時:2017年12月26日 02時28分


Dave Smith Rev2 vs Prophet 6

A look at how 2 of Dave Smiths polysynths compare. The result took me by surprise... Oscillators 1:00 Waveshapes 4:04 Filters 5:46 High Pass 9:00 VCO vs ...
投稿日時:2018年06月18日 05時27分


The Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2- Sequencer Introduction

Here is an introduction to an exploration of the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Sequencer. Patreonize me! :) http://www.patreon.com/automaticgainsay.
投稿日時:2014年11月24日 21時40分



Dave Smith Instruments (DSI) Prophet Rev2 + Prophet 6 demo featuring presets. The Rev2 is DSI's newest analog synth which is an upgrade of their Prophet 08 ...
投稿日時:2017年05月20日 03時00分


Dave Smith Instruments Pro-2 Demo

Jamming with the sequencer on the DSI Pro 2 with added delay! Available here: https://www.perfectcircuit.com/dave-smith-instruments-pro-2.html.
投稿日時:2016年11月29日 09時42分


DSI Pro 2 + Moog Sub 37 :: Synced Sequencers

Syncing sequencers, arpeggiators and more on the DSI Pro 2 and Moog Sub 37, then sending clock-synced CV step sequences and LFOs from the Pro 2 to the ...
投稿日時:2015年12月8日 08時24分


Korg Mono/Poly (1981) vs. Dave Smith Pro 2 (2014)

The Clash of the Paraphonics! Ever since I got the Pro 2 I have wondered how close I could get it to sound like my Mono/Poly. And now that my Mono/Poly just ...
投稿日時:2017年03月1日 03時44分


DSI PRO 2 Ambient Big Sky & REV 2

I just got The Pro 2 and it's an amazing machine. Hybrid - Digital VS Analog. I used 3 oscillators for the Bass Drone. The Big Sky does the reverb. I love it!
投稿日時:2018年03月24日 12時30分


Dave Smith Pro 2 seq

Dave Smith Pro 2 sequencer + internal delays.
投稿日時:2014年11月18日 04時12分


DSI Prophet REV2 DSI PRO 2 and the Matrixbrute Ambient

Hi Guys! I wanted to blend 3 synths together for this one. The pads are from the DSI Prophet REV2 that streams through my pedal chain of Big Sky, Polara and ...
投稿日時:2018年04月14日 04時52分


Morning Ambient With DSI PRO 2 AND PROPHET REV 2

Hi guys! It's too late... It's 6 in the morning so I spelled "Recorded" wrong sorry about that... Meow Meow!! So enjoy this morning / laaate night Session with the ...
投稿日時:2018年05月21日 12時37分


Lyra 8, DSI Prophet 12, Prophet REV 2 and PRO 2 Ambient

Hi guys! I just got some new toys and had to record them for you before bed! I got my dream synth which is the Prophet 12... It's amazing!!! And I also got a new ...
投稿日時:2018年05月22日 12時22分


Paraphonic Pads with the DSI Pro 2

Using the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 to make Paraphonic Pads. www.proemp.co.uk.
投稿日時:2018年03月26日 05時24分


DSI Pro 2 VS Model D Ambient

Hi Guys! So I had to create something more ambientish with the Pro 2. And I had the Model D as a companion for the lower frequencies. And Of Course - Some ...
投稿日時:2018年03月28日 08時47分