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Rap do L (Death Note) | Tauz RapTributo 28

Download do MP3 - (Soundcloud) - http://goo.gl/PUdXOz Download do MP3 - http://goo.gl/sGuAbn Contato Profissional: profissional@tauz.com.br Facebook ...
投稿日時:2015年03月11日 12時02分


Death Note - Monster

This is a video I made just as a sort of sum-up, verview of the Death Note movies. Not the anime/manga, the movies. I have seen both versions and read the ...
投稿日時:2009年09月1日 20時15分


Death Note Soundtrack - L's Theme

L's Theme MP3 download: http://audio.isg.si/audiox/?q=audio/download/17120 Death Note Font Download: http://main.deathgod.org/download/
投稿日時:2009年04月13日 08時54分


- Death Note OST I - Light's Theme 03

This song is Kira Theme this is Light theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaJnPv18r70 Light lights up light for piano(Song before the death of L): ...
投稿日時:2008年10月7日 06時54分


Spongebob - Deathnote

A parody of death note.
投稿日時:2008年06月30日 23時20分


Death Note: Onision

Death Note videos by Onision Death Note IRL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFRey_QZFok Rap Battle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpGk8UqwlqM ...
投稿日時:2014年12月21日 07時23分


L's Theme - Death Note [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia)

Learn piano songs quick and easy: http://tinyurl.com/flowkey-marioverehrer1 * ▻ Beginner? Try this free App: http://m.onelink.me/a42c31c2 * ▻ Get Sheet ...
投稿日時:2014年05月23日 05時00分


TOP 9 Death Note Soundtracks

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own anything seen or heard in this video. Ok, so I was looking at my channel stats one day and saw that there was a pattern with the ...
投稿日時:2013年06月13日 10時27分


Low of Solipsism - Death Note [Extended]

Título/Title: Low of Solipsism Autor:Yoshihisa Hirano & Hideki Taniuchi Anime: Death Note.
投稿日時:2012年12月12日 05時23分


L's theme B

EDIT: whoo!!! 33000 views!!!!!!!!!! Other EDIT: whoa, 50000 views! (i didnt make the song but it sure is popular for me o.o) THIRD EDIT: Whoa! 80000 views.
投稿日時:2008年04月4日 23時52分


L Theme - A B C

one of the best animes ever :D I also watched the reallife movies, wasnt that bad.
投稿日時:2013年06月9日 07時50分


[Death Note Flash] Misa is a bitch

Mikami and L are not happy '_' But anyway, Misa is still cute, lol The original one is here http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/55861665/
投稿日時:2007年05月24日 02時46分


Death Note- L's Ideology EXTENDED

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own anything seen or heard of in this video. Everything belongs to their respected owners. Yup these soundtracks never end... Haha ...
投稿日時:2012年12月29日 16時17分


Death Note Soundtrack - Kuroi Light (light theme)

This song is Kuroi Light (light theme) this is Kira Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3LeZNlI0Xg Light lights up light for piano(song before the death of ...
投稿日時:2008年10月5日 09時38分


Death Note OST 1 - 01 Death Note

Death Note Ost 1 - 01 Death Note Tracklist: 01. Death Note 02. Incident 03. Light's Theme 04. L's Theme 05. Tension 06. Horror 07. Solitude 08. Sympathy 09.
投稿日時:2010年03月31日 00時14分


Death Note OST 1 - 04 L's Theme

Death Note Ost 1 - 03 L's Theme Tracklist: 01. Death Note 02. Incident 03. Light's Theme 04. L's Theme 05. Tension 06. Horror 07. Solitude 08. Sympathy 09.
投稿日時:2010年03月31日 00時38分


Death Note - L's Theme - Version A (Cut & Looped for an Hour)

Composers: Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi Experimental loop. I own nothing. Enjoy. 10 Hrs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAr1a6zux_8.
投稿日時:2013年03月6日 09時37分


Death Note- Solitude EXTENDED

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own anything that is seen or heard in this video, it all belongs to its wonderiffic creators ;P LINKS: 1st Pic: ...
投稿日時:2012年09月20日 20時24分


"I AM L" in 13 languages ● Death Note

Scene from 9th episode of Death Note shown in 13 languages [ROMANIAN VERSION IS JUST A FANDUB, I PUT IT IN THE VIDEO BY MISTAKE BECAUSE I ...
投稿日時:2014年09月5日 04時12分


[Anime scene] Death Note - L's first appearance. [English dub]

Death Note episode 6 OST asked: 1) Shinigami World B 2) Suiri 3) Death Note please check my new video: https://youtu.be/0mr0SU3tonM.
投稿日時:2016年12月2日 06時44分