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Using the Google XML Sitemap Generator for Your WordPress

Using the Google XML Sitemap Generator for Your WordPress

Download all Tutorial Here: Hi. For this tutorial, we're going to take a look at how to create an xml site automatically using Google. Now a site map is used by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. so they can better access your blog, which means their crawlers can go through your whole page, retrieve yours more efficiently, and you're more likely to show up higher ranked on web searches. So let's go ahead and take a look at how to do this. First of all, I'm on, and I've looked up Google site maps, and it has taken me to the plug-in. Or as usual, you can go into your plugins page on your dashboard and look up Google XML Site Map Generator, and just click on search plugins. Right here, you'll see Google XML Site Maps, and you'll go ahead and click on install now, and then activate plug-in, and you're going to scroll down to your Google XML Site Maps. I'm going to go into my settings page, and it shows that the site map hasn't been built. And click here to build itfor the first time. Underneath, it has basic options. Like if you want to write a normal xml file with your file name, or write a G Zip file which is your file plus GZ. You can pick your building mode, and this will ask you if you want to rebuild your site if you change your content. You should leave that checked just in case you forget later, or you can enable Manual site and build it through a get request. Next, you can update notifications so anytime you update your blog, you can click on notify Google, notify Bing, notify Ask, and it will add a site map URL to the virtual robots.txt file. Although you can't have a real robots.txt file in the blog directory, this is still a good thing to have clicked. There also more advanced options, including whether you want to limit the number of posts in your site map, because it puts the newer posts first. If you want to increase your memory limit, if you want to increase the execution time, include an XSLT sheet, enable a MySQL standard mode, but this is only good if you're getting MySQL errors because it takes a lot of memory. And if you want to build a site map in a background process so you don't have to wait when you save the post. I'm going to leave the use default, and leave the site up in the background checked. Underneath that it's going to ask about additional pages, and this is where you can show it if you want to have specific files are URLs to be included, although they're not in your blog or Wordpress. If you want to add any page, just click right here and fill it out. Underneath is the post priority, and this selects how the priority post by already is calculated. You can skip using this priority calculation, do it depending on the comment count, or how many average comments are on each post. Underneath we can do an automatic detection, you can put it to a custom location, so you can choose it one of those and I'm just going to leave it the automatic detection, and this shows me my detected URL and my path, which is going to come in handy when you go to, say your web master tools in Google or Bing. Underneath the site map contents, you can choose everything that you want to have included, uncheck anything you don't want to have included. You can include custom taxonomy and further options. Underneath, you can choose your excluded items, including, say, categories or posts. You can change the frequency of how often your pages are going to be crawled by the web searchers. You can set your priorities, and then when you're done, click on update options or you can reset them all. Now, up to the top, I'm going to go ahead and click on click here. It's gone ahead and built my site map, it's zipped it, it told Google and Bing about it, however there was a problem with notifying Ask, and we can click here to find out why and this will tell us how to fix it.
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