Fishman Rare Earth Blend vs Fishman Matrix - ユーティージェーピー

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Fishman Rare Earth Blend vs Fishman Matrix

Fishman Rare Earth Blend vs Fishman Matrix

Recently I decided to add a Fishman Rare Earth Blend pickup to my acoustic guitar. When I bought it, in 2004, I had a Fishman under-saddle piezo pickup fitted, which has done many gigs, but now I wanted something that would hopefully sound more 'acoustic'. To make the main part of this demo I recorded the same brief performance three different ways at the same time; i. through condenser mics, ii. through the Fishman Blend pickup's mic, iii. through the Fishman under-saddle piezo. You will see the same video with the three different audio recordings in turn. Then I compare the Blend's mic and humbucker pickups, obviously I couldn't record the latter at the same time as the mic as part of the first recording. Recording details; The guitar is a Brook Tamar. The Blend was fitted by Brook. The condenser mics are Hebden Sound, placed about 3 feet distant. The audio goes straight into a Focusrite 428 preamp and thence to Logic and there is no compression, EQ or any other treatment applied. I did aim to equalise the volumes of the three recordings but there may still be some differences. Stephen's channel is JacarandaFolk For more information about Brook Guitars please visit their website at
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