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Make Peace with your MInd

Make Peace with your MInd * An excerpt from IN THE CIRCLE OF GRACE about RESPONSIBILITY download full video from here: * How do you feel your life will be if you cultivate a healthy relationship with your mind? Stopping this love / hate relationship! Being able to be grateful, and apply the beauty of the mind, and let it serve you in all aspects - including your spiritual life. As long as you experience yourself through your body- heartbeats are there, and thoughts are there. Mix and match. Cultivating a healthy relationship with your mind means that You are able to perceive the energy that your thoughts are charged with. You are able to relate to specific thoughts instead of being caught up in streams of thinking. You are able to CHOOSE how to relate to a thought, not necessarily to obey it. You are comfortable with silence. This is the true meaning of being peaceful! Share with me your inspiration: What is the most challenging thing in this relationship, for you? How would you like it to be? What are the bright sides of your mind? I'll be there in the next 24 hours to talk more about: #PeaceOfMind #IChooseLove #SilenceWithin Help us caption & translate this video!
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