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Korg Mono/Poly (1981) vs. Dave Smith Pro 2 (2014)

Korg Mono/Poly (1981) vs. Dave Smith Pro 2 (2014)

The Clash of the Paraphonics! Ever since I got the Pro 2 I have wondered how close I could get it to sound like my Mono/Poly. And now that my Mono/Poly just came home after a very long rehabilitation, I could finally find the answer. Even though they are totally different synths from totally different time periods, there are several similarities. Filter 1 in the Pro 2 is based on the one in the early Prophet 5s (SSM2040), a very close relative to the filter in the Mono/Poly (SSM2044). Both synths also have 4 oscillators which can be played paraphonically. This is not a scientific test, and I only used a couple of hours trying to match the Mono/Poly patches on the Pro 2. Nevertheless, I think the Pro 2 came very close. However, the Mono/Poly sounds a notch better in my opinion. I think this comes down to the free running VCOs and the analog envelopes. The 100% digital oscillators and envelopes in the Pro 2 does a very good job as well, though. The nerdy technical stuff: The song consists of one drum track and three synth tracks (bass, pad and lead). I mixed the song in Ableton using VSTs from Waves (Scheps 73, H-Delay, L1 Ultramaximizer), U-He (Satin, Presswerk) and Valhalla DSP (VintageVerb). Listen to and download the song here (Mono/Poly only): https://soundcloud.com/eivind-engedal/monopoly-highway-korg-monopoly-demo
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