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Best Free Android Video Editing App - Edit Videos with FilmoraGo |Tutorial

Best Free Android Video Editing App - Edit Videos with FilmoraGo |Tutorial

In this video, we will introduce a free and full featured video editing application for Android phones, with full effects and publishing features. Download free Android video editor FilmoraGo here: Visit Amazon Store here: Today’s Android phones are pretty good at recording videos, and yet turning your raw footage into something more published is another story. With Wondershare FilmoraGo, editing videos on the fly and publishing them directly to social networks such as Facebook, Youtube etc. is a breeze. FilmoraGo is a powerful video editing software for Android that has almost all the editing functionalities you’d need from a PC editing program. It not only includes all the basic editing features such as trimming/merging/cropping/rotating videos, adding background music or voiceovers to videos, but also comes with lots of cool special effects such as overlay and filter effects, animated text and title effects, motion elements etc., making it as simple as possible to turn your photos and videos into something extraordinary with your Android phone. Let’s see how it works right away. First launch the app on your phone, and then tap this CREATE NEW VIDEO icon to enter the interface. You will be guided to import videos stored on your device for editing. Or by swiping the screen to the left, you can choose to import photos, or load videos from Facebook or Instagram for editing. Now select a video clip, and click Next to enter the editing panel. You can preview your original video by clicking this Play button. Tap on the thumbnail of the video clip, you will be presented with lots of editing options. For example, you can: 1. trim videos 2. add filters from a large library of different filter effects 3. apply overlay effects to add some different elements or atmosphere to your video, or give your video some old time movie look 4. add some fun, fashionable motion elements to draw attention to the fine details so as to take your video to a new level of professional and enjoyable entertainment 5. Insert animated text and title effects to your video. By tapping on the text area, you will be able to customize the text content that will appear on your video. 6. Make a copy of the current video clip 7. Mute or unmute the original audio 8. Rotate your video clip, or delete it Once you’ve done your editing work, you may want to add some background music for your video. By tapping the Music icon on the right sidebar, you will be guided to the built-in music library of FilmoraGo. The music library is a hand chosen compilation of artists from the Pacific Northwest, with genres ranging from Hispter Folk to Electric Pop. All these music are licensed and free to use, so feel free to choose any you like to apply to the video. What’s more, except for the built-in music resources, you can add your own music or audio files as well. The Plus icon in the lower right corner of the interface allows you to import more video or photos for editing at the same time. With all your clips selected, you can order them in the timeline as you want. Just long-press and hold a clip to re-order it. Although editing videos with FilmoraGo is quite easy, a much simpler way to enhance your raw footages is to apply the built-in themes. Under the Themes library on the right sidebar, you will find lots of themes, such as the Christmas theme, Chaplin theme etc. Tapping on any one of them, you will be able to apply the theme to your video. There will be more themes added in the next versions. Before exporting your video, you may want to adjust the aspect ratio of the video. FilmoraGo offers several popular choices. For example, if you are going to upload your videos to Instagram, exporting at 1:1 is a good choice. Or choose to export at 16:9 if it’s for Youtube. What’s more, you can add a frame to it so as to give your video that modern film look. Once you are finished, click on the Save button on the upper right corner, FilmoraGo will save your project in your device. You can further share your video to social networks such as Youtube, vimeo, Instagram etc. That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this video. Subscribe to your channel to get more interesting video editing tutorials!
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