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2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone

2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone

Video Edit By Km Music Videos 1) Lindsay Jay - Zumba - La La La (Brazil 2014) 2) Josy Shuffles - Wax Motif - Krush Groove | Shuffle | {23rd of 50} 3) TheBlackCat - Weston Practise 4) Sofia Al - Jungle dance 5) Rebelindustry - You don't know shuffle 6) Rebelindustry - Take you there shuffle 7) Rebelindustry - Hear that sound shuffle 8) Vanesa Seco - PASS YOU BY SHUFFLE DANCE 9) Vanesa Seco - Sunrise Shuffle Sesh 10) Vico Neo - Parov Stelar - The Mojo Radio Gang #neoswing (Vico Neo Dancer - Electro Swing Dance) 11) lilspacebabe - Parking Lot Shuffle : Dance Sessions 12) Leslie Malave - Shuffle Dance 13) Laurie Alison White - Shuffle Dance 14) Laura Giedraitis - Freeway Shuffle L4GK 15) Sven Otten - JustSomeMotion (JSM) - Dance Acadamy Choreography - #neoswing 16) Sven Otten - JustSomeMotion - Deka Spot (Dancing in Berlin) 17) Hayley Toth - Shuffle Dance 18) Baile do Passinho - Geral do passinho Aperta o Play! 19) genousse - Shuffling/Cutting Shapes | Aevion - Polygon (BMKLTSCH068) 20) Gabby J David - Family Shuffle/Shapes 21) Breathe Carolina - Blackout | Smilin 22) lilspacebabe - Backyard Shuffle Dance Sessions: I Like to Move 23) ZUMBA RedStudio - B.I.P - Contigo Yo Quiero Bailar | ZUMBA FITNESS 24) nikolanna - Shuffle Dance 25) Smilin - All Night - Parov Stelar #neoswing 26) Abigail Castro - Shuffle Dance Music 2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone 2 Unlimited is a dance act founded by Belgian producers Jean-Paul DeCoster and Phil Wilde in 1991 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dutch rapper Ray Slijngaard and Dutch vocalist Anita Doth fronted the act from 1991 to 1996. During the five years of 2 Unlimited's worldwide mainstream success, the act scored a total of 16 chart hits, including "Get Ready for This", "Twilight Zone", "No Limit", and "Tribal Dance". They have sold 18 million records worldwide. Although they enjoyed less mainstream recognition in the United States, many of their songs have become popular themes at American sporting events, particularly in the NHL and the NBA. Twilight Zone was the second single released from 2 Unlimited's debut album Get Ready! in January 1992. The UK release of the single was the first 2 Unlimited single in that country to include the vocals of Anita Doth as they had not been featured on their debut hit "Get Ready for This". However, Ray Slijngaard's raps were once again removed. The instrumental version of the track sounds different from the original version, with a more Hi-NRG style with more bass and added cowbells. The release scored chart success in many European countries and topped the chart in The Netherlands. Twilight Zone was the second single in a row to just miss out on the top spot in the UK again peaking at number 2. It was 2 Unlimited's biggest hit on the U.S. Dance chart reaching number 5.
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