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How To: Install GTA IV San Andreas

How To: Install GTA IV San Andreas

A fully comprehensive installation tutorial on the infamous IV:SA total conversion mod that ports San Andreas in the replacement of Liberty City onto GTA IV's powerful R.A.G.E (Rockstar Advanced Gaming Engine). Link(s): - IVSA Mod: - WinRAR: (choose the download that suits your Operating System) Remember to keep Annotations ENABLED for the tutorial - they clear things up. Remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe for more :D & Feel free to leave video-related queries in the comments section (Idiotic Questions/Obvious Trolls will be voided [removed] or avoided [ignored]) Q&A/FAQ: Q: Can I install this mod on my console/mobile version? A: No. This is purely a PC modification. Q: Do I require an installed version of GTA San Andreas in order to install this mod? A: No. This is entirely a GTA IV modification. Q: I have GTA IV EFLC but I do not have the original version of GTA IV, will I still be able to install this modification? A: Yes. Make sure you install the mod files into the corresponding directory. Credits: Jonny (Me) - Recording, Editing, Rendering & Uploading IV:SA - Modification Installer & Modification Files Featured etc Rockstar Games - GTA IV & GTA IV EFLC Third Party Software: Fraps (Recording Software) Sony Vegas Pro 11.0 (Editing Software)
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