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Glee Smooth Criminal with lyrics

Glee Smooth Criminal with lyrics

Sung By Sebastian Smythe And Santana Lopez=Grant Gustin And Naya Rivera In The Episode-Michael-Season 3 Episode 11 Smooth Criminal is a song originally sung by Michael Jackson, originally from his 1987 "Bad" album. The song was sung by Santana and Sebastian in the episode Michael, the eleventh episode of the third season. The song is sung when Santana decides to confront Sebastian about what happened to Blaine after their Michael Jackson Glee Club sing-off in the parking lot. The diva-off takes place at Dalton Academy in a room full of chairs. The two cellos (2CELLOS) are asked to stay by Santana and they play the music while she and Sebastian sing. At the end, they argue about who was better and Santana continues to question Sebastian about Blaine and what he put in the slushie (to which she hopes to receive an answer as she hid a recorder in her clothes). After Santana gets Sebastian to admit he tampered with the slushie by adding rock salt in it, he slushies her.
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