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16-Year-Old Fined Under Russia's 'Gay Propaganda' Law Files Appeal

The first Russian minor to be fined under a new law against so-called gay propaganda has filed an appeal.According to Huff Post, 16-year-old Maxim Neverov was fined 50,000 rubles ($760) this ...
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The Hunar Foundation and Another Perspective

All profits from Another Perspective will be donated to The Hunar Foundation by the Authors Taher Memon and Salim Parvez The Hunar Foundation's key ...
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Interview d'une chargée de mission pour Surfrider

Un futur sans bouteilles plastique, c'est l'objectif de l'association Surfrider Foundation. Et pour Diane Beaumenay-Joannet, chargée de mission, on peut mettre fin à leur production.
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ಕೊಡಗು ಪ್ರವಾಹ ಸಂತ್ರಸ್ತರಿಗೆ 5 ಲಕ್ಷ ರೂಪಾಯಿ ನೆರವು ನೀಡಿದ ನಟ ಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ ರಾಜ್ ( ರೈ )

Kannada Actor Prakash Rai donate 5 lakh for Kodagu flood. and he told ''we have some of good plans about Kodagu district'' in my foundation. ಭಾರಿ ಮಳೆಯಿಂದ ತತ್ತರಗೊಂಡಿರುವ ಕೊಡಗು ಜಿ...
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TRANSFERENCE - The Walter Test Case Demo Trailer - Playstation: Elijah Wood VR Game

TRANSFERENCE - The Walter Test Case Demo Trailer - Elijah Wood GameJourney into a corrupted mind, where the only way to escape is to attempt to solve the mystery. This prequel takes pla...
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Nevada's venture capital money doesn't stay in state

Zach Miles, associate vice president for economic development for UNLV, said there’s venture money in Southern Nevada, “but trying to find the right groups to tap into for that money is different.”...
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10 Pruebas de que el mundo VA MEJOR QUE NUNCA

La humanidad ha avanzado de forma espectacular comparándolo con los dos últimos siglos, por lo que tenemos datos esperanzadores que demuestran que, en muchos aspectos, vamos por buen camino: aument...
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Bill & Melinda Gates Named America's Top Philanthropists

Ted S. Warren/AP Bill and Melinda Gates have been named the most generous philanthropists in the US. The philanthropists have donated more than $36 billion to charitable causes, including $4.8 bill...
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Polisi Geledah Kantor Pertamina Foundation

VIVA.co.id - Badan Reserse Kriminal Mabes Polri menggeledah kantor Pertamina Foundation Jalan Sinabung 2, Simprung, Jakarta Selatan. Penggeledahan itu terkait perkara dugaan korupsi di tubuh Pertam...
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Two hawks flew over our heads as we were trying to rescue a bunny on the freeway!

This baby bunny ended up on the freeway. Hope For Paws received an urgent call from Suzy Kramer and by the time I got there, the California Highway Patrol were already there to help me save the li...
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BALCONYTV.COMSubscribe to us Youtube - http://bit.ly/subscribetoBalconyTV'Like' us on Facebook - http://Facebook.com/BalconyTV'Follow' us on Twitter - http://Twitter.com/BalconyTV...
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Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian - Flirting, Coffee & First Dates

Unlike his stand up, Chai time is a live vlog show where Kenny sits down with a cup of tea with an intimate audience and has a casual conversation about the things that pick his brain.I...
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Standing Ovation by URBANO

Nothing like a family business, am I right? Then let me introduce you to the urban pop duo – URBANO. This brother and sister duet is comprised of John and Marisa Urbano, hailing from the suburbs of...
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รักต่างวัยไฟเสน่หา ตอนที่ 1 พากย์ไทย HD

รักต่างวัยไฟเสน่หา ตอนที่ 1 พากย์ไทย HD#รักต่างวัยไฟเสน่หานักแสดง :Kim Hee Ae, Yoo Ah In, Shim Hye Jin, Park Hyuk KwonDetail :Secret Affair รักต่างวัยไฟเสน...
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Pani Foundation | Chala Hawa Yeu Dya Teams Performance | Amir Khan

पाणी फाउंडेशनच्या कार्यक्रमात मराठी सेलिब्रेटीजचा सहभाग! To Check out more updates about Marathi Television Industry Subscribe our channel Rajshri Marathi Showbuz.
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Jimmy Fund Feature: Nixon Clarke

Cancer affects us all. The Clarke family joined the battle last November, when their five-year-old son, Nixon, was diagnosed with leukemia. This is how the Clarkes approach their fight, collectivel...
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