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Liverpool: el nuevo error del portero Loris Karius que se hizo viral

El portero alemán, que en la última final de la Liga de Campeones cometió dos bloopers ante Real Madrid, nuevamente fue protagonista en un amistoso ante Tranmere Rovers.
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Desafío Súper Humanos XV Capítulo 24 - Lunes 25 junio 2018

En vivo aquí http://alianza-u.blogspot.com/2015/05/blog-post.htmlTodos los capítulos aquí https://desafioindia.blogspot.comCapítulo 24: Los Cafeteros pierden una ficha clave...
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JK Rowling Mocks Trump For Spelling In Tweet Boasting Writing Prowess

Rob Stothard/Getty Images US President Donald Trump tweeted about his writing prowess on Tuesday. But Trump made an unwitting error in his boast, using the word "pour" instead of "pore." The mistak...
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Trump visit to Las Vegas includes Drew news

President Donald Trump visited Las Vegas on Saturday. Local business leaders told Trump about benefits from his tax cuts. The president took a moment to commend friend Steve Witkoff on his upcoming...
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Scarlett Johansson Denies Auditioning to Be Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend

Scarlett Johansson wants everyone to know she did not audition to be Tom Cruise's girlfriend after his split from Nicole Kidman. A former Scientologist made the claim on Megyn Kelly's hour of the “...
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Angelique Kerber vs Serena Williams -Wimbledon women s Final 2018

Angelique Kerber (German: [andʒɛˈliːk ˈkɛɐ̯bɐ]; born 18 January 1988) is a German professional tennis player and former world No. 1, and a three time Grand slam champion. Having made her profession...
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France vs Croatia 4-2 Highlights 2018 - Include Fan Cam

France vs Croatia 4-2 Highlights 2018 - Include Fan CamBy FootballMindsFrance 4 Croatia 2: Pogba and Mbappe seal thrilling World Cup triumph. Didier Deschamps became the thi...
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Pseadilla en la Cocina España (6x8) La Casuca

Programa 9 : https://dai.ly/x6ntytrPseadilla en la Cocina 6x8 Completo Pseadilla en la Cocina España (6x8) La CasucaPrograma 8: La Casuca"Si usted no quier...
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[sub Español] Photo Booth - Equestria Girls Rollercoaster of friendship song

Avisen erroresMis otras redes sociales (las cuales no uso tanto):Devianart: http://brisk-might3.deviantart.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/BriskMightYoutube: https://...
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Trump Lashes Out At ABC News Over False Graphic About Paul Manafort

President Trump lashed out at ABC News over a false graphic. President Trump on Wednesday lashed out at ABC News for displaying a false graphic about Paul Manafort."Look what Fake A...
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Man in Suit Paddleboards Across River to Make NYC Work Meeting on Time

A New Jersey man didn’t want to be late for his interview, so he decided to paddleboard across the Hudson River to get there. Scott Holt, 32, said he was running late for an interview in New York o...
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Quintuplets Graduate From Same Texas University

Enna, Maria, Emilio, George and John Diaz were born within three minutes of each other in 1996. The set of quintuplets have just graduated from the same university! The 21-year-old siblings had dif...
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German Tennis Star Angelique Kerber Beats Serena Williams To Win Wimbledon

Angelique Kerber ripped up the script when she stunned Serena Williams 6-3 6-3 to win her first Wimbledon title on Saturday.Reuters reports that The 11th seed took advantage of...
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Firefighter Fatally Shot Responding to Alarm at California Senior Facility

Two firefighters responding to a fire at a senior living complex in southern California were shot, one of them fatally. When firefighters responded to the early morning alarm, they say windows were...
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Kansas Parents' Insurance Pays $107,000 After Child Damages Statue

Remember the video of a child knocking over a statue valued at $132,000? Well, it's a good thing his parents had insurance. A spokesman for the city of Overland Park, Kansas, says the family's poli...
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German Tennis Star Angelique Kerber Beats Serena Williams To Win Wimbledon

Angelique Kerber ripped up the script when she stunned Serena Williams 6-3 6-3 to win her first Wimbledon title on Saturday.Reuters reports that The 11th seed took advantage of an error-strew...
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AOL Mail Technical Support Phone number 1800-570-1233

Although AOL email has various features sometimes its users face plenty of issues. For troubleshooting the issues of AOL webmail or AOL Desktop Gold the customer care number is always available. Wh...
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errors and omissions insurance for insurance agents

Being an insurance agent, it take a lot of care and wisdom to ensure that all things will work flawlessly. But it a day to day basis, you will always be exposed to the tendency of committing errors...
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