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Terry Rozier Goes Deep With GQ

GQ interviewed Terry Rozier and it took us through everything from Rozier's deal with PUMA to the 24-year old picking up his father from prison. NESN.com's Courtney Cox gives you her 3 biggest tak...
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Dev Kaplumbağaların Yuvası: Changuu Adası

Hint Okyanusu'nun Doğu Afrika kıyılarındaki Tanzanya'nın yarı özerk bölgesi Zanzibar'da bulunan Changuu Adası dev kaplumbağalara ev sahipliği yapıyor. Dünyada dev kaplumbağaların yaşadı...
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4 வருடங்களாக சொந்த மகளேயே சீரழித்த கொடூர தந்தை

பெத்த மகளையே வெறிபிடித்த மாதிரி பலாத்காரம் செய்த தந்தையால், மகாராஷ்டிராவின் தானே நகரே ஆடிப் போயுள்ளது. மகாராஷ்டிராவின் தானே பகுதியில்தான் இந்த சம்பவம் நடந்துள்ளது. தந்தைக்கு 40 வயது, மகளுக்கு 14 வய...
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Affaire Ramadan : Soral et Dieudonné à l’affût du buzz pour le bizz !

À l’instar du FN/Marine et tant d’autres sujets, Alain Soral se ridiculise encore une fois, preuves en images et en texte. Tariq Ramadan, hier dixit Soral : « sioniste » « enfumeur », « trotsko-fra...
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Larry Nassar Loses Request For Resentencing

Disgraced former Michigan State and USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar lost today on another one of his requests for a new sentencing hearing, this one in Eaton County, Mich. Like in the case filed...
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Belgian Court Rules Against Extradition of Spanish Rapper

According to Reuters, a Belgian on Monday ruled against an extradition request from Spain for a rapper sentenced to prison for charges including insulting the monarchy. The 24-year-old rapper, know...
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Headlines ARYNews 1300 13th September 2018

LAHORE: The Home Department of Punjab on Wednesday extended the parole of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and her husband capt (retd) Safdar for five days....
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Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Put Behind Bars

British-born street artist Plastic Jesus has defaced the Donald Trump Hollywood Walk of Fame star by placing prison bars over it.
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Prisons : des structures ouvertes pour les courtes peines

Le plan prison pour lutter contre la surpopulation carcérale a été présenté en conseil des ministres mercredi 12 septembre. Reportage dans une prison ouverte pour les courtes peines.Ret...
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Headlines ARYNews 1200 13th September 2018

LAHORE: The Home Department of Punjab on Wednesday extended the parole of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and her husband capt (retd) Safdar for five days....
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Si Beale Street pouvait parler - Bande-annonce 2 VO

Si Beale Street pouvait parler, elle raconterait à peu près ceci : Tish, dix-neuf ans, est amoureuse de Fonny, un jeune sculpteur noir. Elle est enceinte et ils sont bien décidés à se marier. Mais ...
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"Crimes et Faits divers: La quotidienne" - Vendredi 21 septembre - Jean-Marc Morandini - NRJ12

Il y a un an, un corps était découvert dans un jardin à Londres. Ce corps, c'est celui de Sophie Lionnet, jeune fille au pair originaire de Troyes. Une enquête, un procès plus tard, l'horreur des f...
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Birmanie: l'appel à l'aide des femmes des reporters emprisonnés

A Rangoun, les épouses des deux journalistes de Reuters condamnés à sept ans de prison lancent un appel à la dirigeante birmane Aung San Suu Kyi pour qu'elle fasse libérer leurs maris...
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Top 10 Savage Gordon Ramsay Twitter Roasts

Someone hold this man back, he’s roasting everybody out here! From comparing lasagna to his dead grandmother, to questioning whether a food pic was taken in prison, Gordon’s food critiques are a go...
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Elizabeth Smart Kidnapper Wanda Barzee Released from Utah Prison

The Utah Department of Corrections confirmed Wednesday that Wanda Barzee, convicted for helping Brian David Mitchell kidnap Elizabeth Smart in 2002, has been released from prison.
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‘40-Year-Old Virgin’ Actor Convicted of Attempted Murder to Be Freed From Prison

Kendra Beebe was viciously stabbed 25 times by Hollywood actor, Shelley Malil, best known for his role as an electronics clerk in the comedy “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” Now Beebe is living in fear be...
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Adiala prison is the destination of Nawaz, family; Faisal Javed

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A guilty verdict and an emboldened US attorney

After a three-week trial, it took the jury only two days of deliberations to return a verdict. With Mathew Martoma, former SAC Capital portfolio manager, facing a possible 20 years in prison, Kara ...
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