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The Civil War - In Depth with Shelby Foote

Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own this video nor the images featured in the video. All rights belong to its rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement ...
投稿日時:2017年09月15日 07時26分


C-SPAN: D'Souza Exposes Progressive Con During Book TV Talk

Dinesh D'Souza spoke to the Park Cities Women's Republican Club about the progressive heist of America on December 1st in Dallas, and the conversation ...
投稿日時:2015年12月15日 22時26分


CSPAN's Book TV: Andrew D. Kaufman on Tolstoy's War and Peace

Andrew D.Kaufman talks about his book, Give “War and Peace” a Chance: Tolstoyan Wisdom for Troubled Times, in which he argues that we can learn a lot ...
投稿日時:2014年08月6日 01時43分


Why I Founded C-SPAN: Brian Lamb Tells All (Including His Crush on Brenda Lee)

On March 19, 1979, C-SPAN first aired proceedings of the U.S. House of Representatives. American politics and media would never be the same. Over the next ...
投稿日時:2014年03月20日 03時22分


Tim Weiner, Author, "Enemies: A History of the FBI"

Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and author Tim Weiner discusses his new historical narrative, "Enemies: A History of the FBI." The book details the FBI's 100 year ...
投稿日時:2012年03月28日 00時38分


C-SPAN Cities Tour - Chattanooga: Book TV, Making of the Moon Pie

Tory Johnston, VP of Marketing and New Business at the Chattanooga Bakery takes us on a step by step process of how the infamous Moon Pie is made.
投稿日時:2014年01月18日 17時46分


2008 - Noam Chomsky - on BookTV [C-SPAN]

投稿日時:2011年04月26日 21時25分


2 Ayaan Hirsi Ali on CSPAN's BookTV about "Infidel"

www.booktv.org Ayaan Hirsi Ali at the American Enterprise Institute on 2/13/07.
投稿日時:2008年03月18日 14時00分


C-SPAN BookTV: Sonia Shah at Politics & Prose, Washington, DC August 2, 2010

Sonia Shah speaks about "The Fever: How Malaria Has Ruled Humankind for 500000 Years," at Politics & Prose bookstore, Washington, DC, August 2, 2010.
投稿日時:2010年09月2日 04時49分


Keith Windschuttle - Killing History on C SPAN

Mr. Windshuttle talked about his book The Killing of History: How Literary Critics and Social Theorists are Murdering Our Past, published by Encounter Books.
投稿日時:2015年11月16日 09時38分


C-SPAN 3 - American History TV 2013 Cross Channel Spot

This is the 2013 American History TV on C-SPAN 3 cross channel spot. We will customize it with your logo.
投稿日時:2013年01月4日 00時44分


Peter Brimelow - The Worm in the Apple (CSPAN BookTV)

投稿日時:2017年01月11日 05時53分


C-SPAN 2 - Book TV 2013 Cross Channel Spot

This is the 2013 Book TV on C-SPAN 2 cross channel spot. We will customize it with your logo.
投稿日時:2013年01月4日 01時21分


John G Morris Get the Picture (1/4) C-SPAN Booknotes

Booknotes, an hour-long program broadcast weekly from Washington on C-SPAN, is arguably the most prestigious book program on TV. On October 1 1999, ...
投稿日時:2011年01月18日 11時08分


Book TV: New C-SPAN Camera System at the International Spy Museum

Book TV recorded author Shane Harris who wrote "The Watchers" with a new experimental camera system.
投稿日時:2010年03月27日 03時11分


Amir Husain's Acclaimed Book, The Sentient Machine on C-SPAN BookTV

Amir Husain explores the increasingly relevant matter of artificial intelligence from uncommon angles during this reading of his acclaimed book, The Sentient ...
投稿日時:2018年01月24日 01時28分


John A. Allison discusses Peter Wallison's Book "Bad History, Worse Policy" on C-SPAN 2's Book TV

http://www.cato.org/people/john-allison John Allison is the President and CEO of the Cato Institute. Prior to joining Cato, Allison was Chairman and CEO of BB&T ...
投稿日時:2013年03月31日 18時00分


C-SPAN BookTV Harlem Book Fair 2011

CSPAN 2 BookTV and the 2011 Harlem Book Fair present "Triumph Against the Grain". Craig T. Williams author of "The Olympian: An American Triumph" ...
投稿日時:2011年12月11日 11時45分


David Frum on CSPAN: "the Trump presidency is damaging American democracy"

After Words with David Frum - Former White House speechwriter and The Atlantic columnist David Frum argues that the Trump presidency is damaging ...
投稿日時:2018年02月6日 01時57分


40 Years of Black Publishing - HBF Panel - Book TV/CSPAN

It wasn't just that my name was mentioned in this clip. It was the redemption that W. Paul Coats delivered in righting the wrong that was done by Tony Rose, how ...
投稿日時:2008年10月24日 15時47分