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Tutorial - Installing Ubuntu 14.04

In this tutorial, I demonstrate a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04, using a virtual machine as an example. I figure this may be useful for beginners who are curious ...
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How To Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

In this tutorial video, I show step-by-step how to install Ubuntu using a USB drive or How To Install Ubuntu 16.04 - using USB drive using same processes you ...
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How to Install Ubuntu via USB Flash Drive on your Computer/Laptop!

Here's how to install Ubuntu via USB flash drive on your computer/laptop for those of you who want to get started with compiling Android kernels. You can use ...
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How To Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

In this tutorial video I show step-by-step how to install Ubuntu using usb drive or How To Install Ubuntu 16.04 - using usb drive using same processes you can ...
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Grub Rescue - Complete Re-install of GRUB 2 from Live USB

Seeing nothing but the grub rescue prompt? Did Windows mess up your Master Boot Record? Using Ubuntu, GRUB 2 got you down? Who needs Live CDs?
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Como crear una usb booteable de Ubuntu o cualquier distribucion de linux

DESCRIPCIÓN◥◣◥◣◥◣ En este vídeo aprenderos a crear una usb booteable con la cual podremos instalar o probar algún sistema operativo en especifico, ...
投稿日時:2015年03月20日 23時16分


Linux Mint / Ubuntu USB-Stick zur Installation erstellen und booten, Anleitung auf Deutsch

Deutschsprachige Linux Video-Anleitung zum Erstellen eines Linux Installations-USB-Sticks. In dem Tutorial wird das ISO Image von Linux Mint ...
投稿日時:2015年04月10日 02時30分


Ubuntu 16.04 How to Create Bootable USB & Install

Showing how I create my bootable USB drives to install Ubuntu and many other OSs. I know... I know... I should use screen recording software... Enjoy and hope ...
投稿日時:2016年04月5日 04時04分


How To Install Full Desktop Ubuntu Onto Usb Stick

Today I'm showing you how to install full Ubuntu onto a Usb stick or drive (not live usb where you select try ubuntu). Please like, comment and subscribe if this ...
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How to Install FULL Ubuntu on a Flash Drive

Here is how to install Full Ubuntu [14.04/16.04] Onto A flash drive. THIS IS NOT JUST A LIVE CD!!!! This is a complete Ubuntu installation; the flash drive will act ...
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How to Create a Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive Using Rufus

Learn how to create a bootable Linux USB flash drive using Rufus! --- Links --- Rufus: http://rufus.akeo.ie Ubuntu: http://ubuntu.com --- My Stuff --- Website: ...
投稿日時:2016年01月15日 02時00分


Installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Today we're installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, codenamed "Bionic Beaver," on my desktop. This is the standard release with the GNOME 3 desktop environment.
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Ubuntu - Create bootable USB (Mac OSX)

Ubuntu - Create bootable USB (Ubuntu) -- In this quick tutorial I am going to show you how to create a bootable usb stick for Ubunut in Mac OSX. If you find this ...
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How To install Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS + Static ip + LAMP SERVER + Webmin Admin Panel

In this video, i am going to show you how to install Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS with a static ip, install apache web server, Mysql, PHP and Webmin Admin Panel.
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How to create Bootable USB for Ubuntu 14.04 (UEFI and Legacy Compatible)

Sample video showing how to create UEFI and Legacy compatible bootable installation media for Ubuntu 14.04 Wanna support me?
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Linux Ubuntu 16.04 - USB-Stick erstellen + System installieren [TUTORIAL- FULL-HD + DEUTSCH]

Heute erstellen wir einen "bootbaren" USB-Stick mit Linux Ubuntu 16.04 und installieren dieses Betriebssystem auf unserem Computer. GeekTrieb heißt jetzt ...
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How To Install Ubuntu Inside Windows 10,8,7 without USB & DVD(2017}

Published on February 23, 2017 4:11 PM How To Install Ubuntu Inside Windows 10,8,7 without USB & DVD (2017) In This Video shows you how to to install and ...
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How to Make an Ubuntu Print Server With Samba

In this video, I'm going to be showing you how to make an Ubuntu print server using Samba and CUPS that automatically shares USB and network printers that ...
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How To Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in USB | Bootable USB | June 2018

How To Make Ubuntu USB Persistence? Video will be uploaded soon, Stay Subscribed :) -------------------------------------- 4Kaay - It's All About You. We've High ...
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How to install Ubuntu from USB (Official Dell Tech Support)

Watch how to install Ubuntu from USB and learn the process of how to download the Ubuntu ISO file using a bootable pen drive. Note: Your pen drive must have ...
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